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Month October 2016

A reflection on completing a PhD by Publication: the learning process by Michelle Beattie

by Dr Michelle Beattie, Lecturer in Health Sciences, University of Stirling T: @BeattieQi ; E:  Michelle Beattie Having recently completed my PhD by publication, titled Measuring the Patient Experience of Hospital Quality of Care, I thought it may be useful to share… Continue Reading →

Dr Hannah Graham – Profile of Research

Interview by Fiona Millar and Lauren Wilson In early October 2016, a number of news outlets, including BBC News, reported on the Scottish Government’s plans to increase the use of electronic tagging as part of the Scottish penal system.  Dr… Continue Reading →

Food Security at Stirling

by Rachel Norman, Chair of Aquatic Food Security, University of Stirling T: @AFSRachel; Blog: AFSRachel; E:  Rachel Norman Providing enough safe and nutritious food for a globally expanding population in the light of climate change and limited resources is a… Continue Reading →

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