On 2nd of March, Senior Management of the University, Deans of Faculties, Faculty Managers, Academics, Service Directors, PhD students, Members of staff from Communications, Marketing and Public Engagement (CMPE) as well as staff from other service areas, gathered in the Court Room for the second annual Reception with The Conversation.

The Reception celebrated the relationship that we have with The Conversation but most importantly recognised the authors that have contributed over the past 12 months.

University Principal, Professor Gerry McCormac

The event ably arranged by Corrie Campbell from CMPE kicked off with refreshments and delicious canapes as staff mingled. Once suitably refreshed more formal proceedings were opened by, new to the University, Communications Manager Lachlan McKinnon. Principal Professor Gerry McCormac
further welcomed attendees and thanked contributors highlighting the importance of bringing research to life in a publicly accessible way.

Stephen Kahn

Stephen Kahn, UK Editor of The Conversation spoke about the future of The Conversation and how academics should be proud not only when their pieces are being republished in The Times or The Independent but also in sources such as the Daily Mail where they are opening up reputable science to people who perhaps aren’t accessing the most credible sources.



The Awards

Thankfully no Oscar type hiccups from the CMPE team

Most Prolific Author for his writing on anti-doping – Dr Paul Dimeo
Most read article – Dr Lee Hamilton and Dr Olly Witard, Game of Thrones: The Mountain has revealed his giant diet … here’s what it would do to you

L-R: Dr Olly Witard, Dr Lee Hamilton & Prof. Gerry McCormac

Best reactive article – Dr Swapnesh Masrani Tata succession battle is an omen for family firms in Asia

Dr Swapnesh Masrani & Prof. Gerry McCormac

Most international article – Prof Helen Cheyne, How women can go the full nine months without knowing they’re pregnant

Prof. Gerry McCormac & Prof. Helen Cheyne

Best newcomer – PhD Fraser McQueen, France’s burkini ban could not come at a worse time

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of writing for The Conversation, this video should help:

The Conversation from University of Stirling on Vimeo.

Look out for a post by our Best Newcomer award holder Fraser McQueen later in the week.