At the University of Stirling’s Research Week 2017, I announced a change of name for the Research & Enterprise Office.  We are now the Directorate of Research & Innovation Services and I wanted to give you a bit of background on the thinking behind this change.

Innovation is one of the key enablers set out in the University Strategic Plan, 2017-21.  It is a cornerstone of national and global research policy and funding.  It is a central ethos we use as we continue to enhance the support we offer to research at Stirling.  In common with all Faculties and Professional Services, we are re-shaping our priorities and activities to ensure that they align fully with the Strategic Plan through Making it Happen.  There will, as a consequence, be a number of changes to how we deliver our services in the weeks and months ahead and I will ensure these are implemented in full partnership with our academic community and professional service colleagues.

Our change of name to Research & Innovation Services is intended as a signal of the important and exciting developments in service provision that we will be bringing forward as we continue to pursue the ambitions set out in the Strategic Plan.