An expedited review process will be considered for any new research study relating to COVID-19.

Expedited review process

Expedited review can be sought in the following way:

  • Complete the full ethics review form, ensuring that all questions are answered and all supporting documents are attached to the application (i.e. participant information sheets, consent forms and recruitment materials).
  • Email the completed form to the relevant research ethics panel (GUEP or NICR and provide justification as to why your project requires urgent ethical review. Justifications should include the public health grounds for the study to be conducted and the rationale for conducting the study at this time.
  • The subject header of your email must include: COVID-19 Expedited Review.
  • Your request will be reviewed by a member of the research ethics team and a decision in relation to whether the project is eligible for urgent review will be confirmed via email within 24 working hours.
  • If approved your application will be reviewed by experienced members of the ethics Panels within 72 working hours and a decision issued.
  • If your request for expedited review is denied your application will be allocated to the next Panel meeting for consideration.

Further information is available on the research ethics and integrity webpages. Any queries, please contact the Research Integrity and Governance Team