The General University Ethics Panel (GUEP) would like to remind researchers of the University’s policy on the length of time that appropriate research data should be stored.

The Research Data Management policy states “The University of Stirling requires that research data is securely preserved in an appropriate format for a minimum of 10 years, or longer if specified by the funder. The 10 year period should run from the date of any publication that is based on the data or the date on which the data was last requested and accessed by a third party.”

We are asking researchers to make clear on your GUEP form and relevant documents (such as participant information sheets and consent forms) that data will be stored for a minimum of 10 years.

We are seeing an increasing number of applications that state data will be destroyed exactly 10 years after the end of the study. Having to return applications for minor reasons such as this takes up additional committee and researcher time, and can delay the start of research studies.

The full version of the policy can be found here: